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NEW - Gjika Germanium Fuzz Driver

Gjika Gainmaster Germanium Fuzz Driver Guitar Pedal

The Gjika Germanium Fuzz Driver, designed to go with the Gainmaster. It is a single transistor fuzz, which is designed to drive a cranked or simulated cranked amp. 

10^n - Gjika Shawn Lane Powers of Ten Amp Redux

Bob Gjika Shawn Lane Powers of Ten 10^n Guitar Amplifier - The best guitar amp - Shawn Lane Gold Amp

The ultimate guitar amp for players who have the skills to utilize it. This high-power, single-ended, Class A guitar amp sets the bar higher for all guitar tone aficionados. 

Gjika Gainmaster - Gain Structuring Device

Allows you to achieve the cranked amp sound at ANY desired volume. Also, the best FX loop for your time-based FX. Only available as part of the 10^n. 

Gjika Amplification 2x12 Speaker Cabs

Gjika Speaker Cab - est all-around 2x12 speaker cab for guitar and Gjika 10^n amp tone

Designed to get the best tone from the 10^n amp. Features Celestion C-90 speakers and Bob's shell design.

Custom Tolex Colors for amps and cabs

Gjika amplifiers and speaker cabs available in black, green, purple, red, and ivory levant tolex.

Black Levant Tolex is standard. Custom colors available include: Ivory, Purple, Red, and Green Levant Tolex. There is a lead time associated with custom colors. Lead time may be up to 12 weeks, but is currently less than that. 

Luthier Services/Amp Repair

High-end Luthier services for your vintage telecaster, stratocaster, Les Paul, Rickenbacker, Gibson.

Bob still does some Luthier and amp repair work. He only works on very high-end/vintage guitars and amps. 

Bob Gjika Amps

10^n = Powers of Ten

 The 10^n is  my latest guitar amplifier. It is a redesign based on the stereo 8 EL-34  single-ended amps I used to make many years ago, that became known as  the "Shawn Lane Amp" , as Shawn recorded his Powers of Ten CD and toured  with this amp. 

Thirty years later I was inspired to redesign this amp into a much more practical and usable package, with even better tone.

So here it is, and now discerning guitarists can own this ultimate Class A, high-power, single-ended guitar amplifier. 

I  still build the way I used to, sourcing custom & hard-to-find  parts, all hand-wired with no circuit boards.  This amp is powered by 4  KT-77 or EL-34 power tubes. It is very powerful and can be controlled at  any sound level with the Gainmaster.  The Gainmaster is designed,  hand-in-hand, with my amps, to achieve the driven sound of the amp, at  any desired volume.

The Gjika 10n gets out of your way to create your own signature guitar tone. Big, fat, harm

What guitarists in the know, say about this amp

 "  I have been playing, gigging, touring, buying, and selling gear for 30+  years. I have worked in every major music store in NY, I have played /  owned several "D" Amps, Several "Train"  amps ( actually knew Kenny)  Tony Bruno Amps ( good friend ) Vintage Marshall, Fender, Vox, Newer  "Boutique" Amps and NONE OF THEM EVEN COME CLOSE to the PURE TONE, PURE  SIMPLICITY and PURE INSPIRATION that this amp evokes.... " 

Pure Simplicity - Ultimate Versatility

All those knobs and switches kill your tone. Two knobs, one switch, plus the Gjika Gainmaster, is all you will ever need for the ultimate guitar amp tone, at any volume - from bedroom to concert hall. 


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