Buying Guitar Amps - How to obtain a Gjika 10^n Amplifier?


Call or text Bob at 619-985-3368, or email him at You can find the "online store" at, but if you don't need their financing options, save $ buying direct from Bob. 

We do not take deposits, except on custom colors, We ship as soon as payment clears.


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Better yet, take the amp for a test drive in person!

Call to schedule a visit to the shop to experience the best guitar amp for yourself. Buying guitar amps should not be scary. Also, please feel free to call and get the answers to all your questions. Bob is more knowledgeable than pretty much anyone else you can just call and talk to, about everything pertaining to guitars and guitar amps. Playing the 10^n amp in person (most people buy these amps after just hearing them on the videos, however) is quite an experience - you are welcome to visit the shop and enjoy the ultimate guitar rig before purchasing if you need to do that, because they are not available in any stores. Bob also repairs high-end guitars and amplifiers for select customers.

Gjika Amplification

San Diego, CA , USA

(619) 985-3368