Evolution of the Gjika 10^n Guitar Amp

The Gold Amp - 1988

Bob Gjika w/the original "gold" "Shawn Lane" /"manhatten" amp sporting 8 EL34 tubes in stereo, 1988

 Bob, with the Original Gold "Shawn Lane" amp - a great-sounding, but  extremely heavy and bulky amplifier that sacrificed convenience for  performance. It was only built for a few years before it became clear  that it was impractical for most guitarists... 

Enter Gainmaster


 ...while  building more user-friendly amps, I developed the Gainmaster, which has  been a component of my last several amp designs... 

Revisiting the single-ended design concept


 In 2013, a  determined customer contacted me and convinced me to recreate one of the  Gold amps, which I improved with the Gainmaster and some important  circuit modifications. 

The Re-Design..


 After  re-creating the old Powers of Ten amp, I was inspired to revisit the  single-ended design and in 2015, I figured out a way to fit it in a  standard-sized cabinet, with improved tone and only two knobs - end  result is that everyone who experiences it is blown away... 

The Ultimate Rig

Gjika Powers of Ten Amps in Stereo, with

 Brought  my logo into the 21st century, and took the cosmetic metal plates back  to the original Powers of Ten gold...mounted the amp in a standard sized  "normal" cabinet.. added matching speaker cabs.

Read the Reviews...

30 years later... here's Bob with the new incarnation of his Class A Single-Ended High Power Amps

 Finished product exceeds all expectations.  I have retired all other designs at this point, and the 10^n is now in production. 

Reviews for the 10^n