Bob Gjika making guitars on the Memphis TV news in his 20s

 The  rumors of my retirement are definitely premature, but since I have not  promoted my amps, it's been mainly word-of-mouth, and people say a lot  of things...somehow it got to be "common knowledge" that I am retired  from amp building...simply, this is not true.  I have been here all  along, building great sounding amps for great players.   

This video shows me making guitars ~30 years ago, in Memphis. This is around the same time I met Shawn Lane and designed and built the Gold Amp.

Hot Box to 10^n - Big Tone - History of Gjika Guitar Amps


I started out making guitars and amplifiers at a young age.  I would make them out of  whatever I could get my hands on.  My early guitar amps started from modified car radios, and whatever else I could find in the trash.  Flashing forward to my early twenties, where in Boston, I was an in-demand luthier, and also in demand for repairs and modifications on tube amplifiers. I then began making my own original-design amps, focusing primarily on high-power, single-ended, Class A, guitar amps.