What is the Gjika Gainmaster?

Gjika Gainmaster - the ultimate gain pedal.

#1: Floating Front End of the Gjika Powers of Ten Guitar Amp

It was designed as a separate unit for several reasons. But, it's part of the amp. Every 10^n comes with one. 

#2: Best FX Loop

One reason it's outside the box is so it can inhabit your pedalboard, where it really shines. Watch the instructional videos to see how it works.

#3: Complete Gain Control

It's a very versatile Gain-controlling device. It allows you to achieve distortion at very low volumes. This is probably it's most sought-after effect. You can play at flashlight volume and still achieve over-driven amp tone. For some, this is a dream come true, because they can't play loud in their home studios, but want a cranked amp tone, and the Gjika Gainmaster provides this ability, but only with Gjika amps. The exceptionally clean tone of Gjika amps is the key factor to the Gainmaster's utility, they go hand-in-hand.

FAQ - Why Can't I Buy Just The GAINMASTER??

The Gjika Gainmaster is a finely-tuned, engineered electronic device that employs specialized circuitry and a single tube - employed as a "floating front end" to the Gjika amps, they do not work the same with other amps. Bob repaired a vintage Marshall JMP 100 for a client, and used it in this video, to demonstrate how the Gainmaster sounds with his amp compared to the client's Marshall JMP 100.

This is why the Gjika Gainmaster is not sold separate from the 10^n amp. 

What is the Gjika Gainmaster - Part 1

The Gainmaster is ...Bob explains it in the video

What is a Gainmaster - Part 2

More about the Gjika Gainmaster...

Gjika Germanium Fuzz Driver with The Gainmaster

A Gjika Gainmaster "add-on"... 1-Transistor Germanium Fuzz Driver - Limited Supply NOS AC128 Vintage Transistors