Close Miking Techniques + Pro Tools = deceptive amp demos


It's like Photoshop for Your Ears

So many customers tell us they appreciate that when they get the amp, it sounds like (or better than) the videos. That's because we don't hide the real sound behind deceptive practices like Pro Tools and close miking techniques. 

Great Sound, LIVE, is what these amps are for

The whole reason Bob decided to modify old amps, the build boxes to make them sound better, then moved on to design and build original design amps, is that the other amps didn't sound good enough live. 

Every Amp Builder Makes Certain Claims - Gjika Delivers on these Claims

Big, fat, harmonically-rich tone, lightning -fast response, touch sensitivity, endless sustain...great tone at any volume, clean or dirty...built like a tank...

Your Guitar's Voice - Sounds Like Your Guitar, Amplified

Every guitar has it's own voice. The Gjika 10^n does not apply it's own tone over your guitar's tone, but amplifies and enhances it. 

Fully produced sound - Live - no pro tools or close miking..

Hearing is believing, but may  not actually be the case when you are watching guitar amplifier demo  videos, due to close miking techniques, and Pro Tools... if you see a  microphone, you are NOT listening to the sound of the guitar amplifier  IN THE ROOM.
Listen to Bob play along with Jimi Hendrix on the Blues album. The tone of the Gjika 10^n in the room is equal to the sound that the sound engineers obtained on the album. No other amp does this. Recorded w/cell phone microphone, raw video.

10^n goes clean to dirty on Like a Rolling Stone

Live video taken using Sony stereo concert-cam - Having some fun with clean and dirty tones using the Gainmaster and a pair of Gjika Shawn Lane Powers of Ten Redux  guitar amps - Bob Dylan classic song, in more of a Jimi Hendrix style... no close miking and it sounded much better live, but we don't have a recording studio, sorry... we do not employ pro tools or any type of editing to our videos. They are live, and unedited.

ZZ Top/Just Got Paid /Stratocaster fuzz / MXR pedals w/slide

  Bob breaks the rules, using a Stratocaster, playing ZZ Top's notorious  humbucker/Les Paul song, Just Got Paid, through a pair of Gjika 10^n  amps, with fuzz & phase pedals, and a slide. The Gainmaster is on  throughout the entire video, Bob gets his clean sound at the end by  turning the volume down on the Strat. At the beginning of the video, Bob  turns on a 1970s original MXR Phase 45 phaser pedal. He then kicks in a  Gjika germanium fuzz pedal, for a bit. Big Fat Guitar Tone ensues.