Gjika Amplification Amp Customer Service & Amp Warranty

Our #1 Priority is making sure you get your questions answered, and if you need anything we are here

One thing you will not find is customers complaining that they have problems with their Gjika products, because they are built so well. But things can happen (lost a fuse, tube making a noise, etc.) and when they do, we are on it! Since there are so few of these, and they have so few problems, you don't need to worry that you will be given the run around, trying to get product support. Our amp customer service and amp warranty are the best. Bob is a phone call, text, or email away. You can reach him on Facebook, as well. He is right there, interacting with his customers, who become his friends, and he takes very good care of his friends. So you don't need to worry about amp customer service or support. 

Being that these products are so well made, there are very few issues, but when one comes up, it is dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

Tubes are warranted for one year. That is basically all we need to deal with since the amps don't break. They are so thoroughly broken in and tested  before shipping out that we don't get them coming back for repairs. Bob personally tests each one for weeks before allowing it to leave the shop. He is a perfectionist, and that means you have an amp that is going to give you a lifetime of awesome tone. Our amp warranty is backed up with real people that you can contact in real time, and get answers to your questions, usually the same day. 

Those who know Bob know this to be true. Until you have experienced this level of amp customer service, it's hard to believe it exists, especially if you have been on the wrong end of poor amp customer service from other amplifier companies. Read Bob's reviews - it's true. He will overnight tubes to you for that gig. 

Customer support is not a joke to us. Buying a Gjika amp is like becoming a member of the family. You matter, and we do whatever is necessary to make sure that your purchase is supported with the best customer service, and your warranty covers tubes for one year (after that, you have to buy new tubes) and manufacturer's defects whenever they may surface (and they are extremely unlikely to occur (none to date)) since Bob is so meticulous in the designing, building, burning in, and extensive testing of these units. 

The quality components, superior design, and other things that make these amps superior mean that you will not likely have to deal with problems down the line, but if there is a problem, rest assured that it will be dealt with in a timely (prompt) and efficient manner. 

Short version of Warranty

Warranty covers all components, against defects (after one year, customer pays shipping charges, international customers must split shipping, sorry, but international shipping is too expensive for us to agree to absorb) repairs will not be charged for, should they be necessary (so far, none have been necessary, but we need a policy, so, this is it). 

Tubes are covered for one year - replacements are free, you pay shipping only (may require return of tubes to Gjika Amplification, at Gjika Amplification's discretion). 

Tube problems are 99% of issues. Your vintage tubes (if good) may be used in your 10^n, but the modern tubes sound excellent. Bob uses the modern tubes in his own amps. But sometimes the tubes will fail. If this happens, call or text Bob, and he will troubleshoot it with you over the phone, and once he figures out what tube it is, he will mail you out replacement tube(s).

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